Meet the Photographer

Sarah Lodge

A wife, mother, and a photographer who loves her two labradoodles, local coffee shops, and exploring gorgeous landscapes and beautiful towns across New England.



The Girl Behind The Lens

Born and raised in New Jersey, I've always had a love for moments captured through photos. As I explored film and Polaroid work, I knew that illustrating people’s authenticity through photography was my true calling.

I currently live in Connecticut with my husband and our little girl. I try to find a little beauty in each and every day. My work focuses on the sincere essence of you in this moment because it's all we have, even on the days where the journey of self-love can be hard. I'm on this adventure with you. Let's help each other to show others, and most importantly yourself, that it's completely okay to love yourself, to feel confident, and to be beautiful.


Why boudoir is everything to me

I fell in love with boudoir photography and the way it empowers women to embrace themselves. I know the road to self-acceptance and self-love can be a difficult one, and it’s a journey we’re on together. About five years ago, I lost 70 pounds in two years and the ups-and-downs taught me about rolling with the punches and accepting, even loving myself and my body along the way.

Boudoir photography is one of those experiences that can remind you how strong, confident, and beautiful you truly are. In a world trying to market and influence every aspect of ourselves, it is liberating to celebrate who we are today. Let’s be bold together.


"What I loved most about my session is how absolutely stunning you made me feel."