Love Letters


Best Experience of my Life

"What I loved most about my session is how absolutely stunning you made me feel. I was instantly comfortable and you made me laugh so much, I forgot I was basically naked! Your personality is so down to earth and charming. You know your way around a camera and how to play with lighting like a pro and I’ve never loved so many pictures of myself in my life. I was amazed when it was so hard to pick my pictures!

I couldn’t believe how beautiful I looked! I couldn’t stop raving about my photos for weeks and was so excited to show my man, I couldn’t even hold off and had him help me pick his favorites. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I felt and still feel like a goddess since!"



UnparalLeled talent

"From the moment I walked in the door, I knew I could trust Sarah. It’s hard to find a photographer you can trust and show such a bare (literally) part of yourself to. Before, during, and after my session, Sarah made me feel like a queen, and that I was worthy of every piece of love i have received. It’s hard to sum up my experience in a short message, but if you’re looking to feel beautiful, you don’t need to look any further than Sarah.

Her talent is unparalleled by anyone I’ve ever met. The final outcome of my photos were breathtaking. I have never thought I would perceive myself as beautiful as I did when I saw those photos of myself. . . I cried happy ugly tears when I first saw them.”



"Thank you for helping me love and appreciate my body."


I'm Forever Thankful

“If someone asked me to list all the things I love, I would never name myself. There were so many things I hated, wished I could change. After having kids, self-care and love was non-existent. I barely have time to brush my hair, let alone makeup and nice clothes. I felt worn down and just ugly. Hell, when I went for my shoot, I felt like I was going to ruin any future business for Sarah if she posted my pictures. Hands down, taking the plunge and doing the shoot is the best thing I could have done for me. Sarah is so kind, funny and has so much patience.

When I received my first sneak peek, I just looked at the picture in disbelief with tears falling from my face. I looked at that picture and just felt so, so beautiful. It radiated so many beautiful things about myself that I was too blind to see before because I was stuck on my pre-baby image. Sarah, thank you for helping me love and appreciate my body. You made me realize that "Karina" isn't gone. Just outgrown, old Karina became super mom, bad ass, sexy as hell mom Karina. I'm forever thankful!”

Five Stars

"I absolutely loved how Sarah made me feel 100% comfortable and coached me through positions and how to make my face look natural. Doing the boudoir shoot made me remember that I am not only a mother, but a sexy woman! Thank you, Sarah – I can’t wait to work with you again!”


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